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Doctor charged with medical fraud in New Jersey


Doctors often try to do the right thing. Their job is to care for patients and ensure they get the best medical care possible. Sometimes clerical errors occur, and insurance claims can get difficult to process. A doctor in New Jersey is now being charged with over 100 counts of health care claims fraud. Investigators say the man stole nearly $90,000 by submitting false documents to insurance companies.

These charges are severe and could result in a jail sentence of up to 10 years if the doctor is convicted. Not only could this mean jail time, but it could result in the end of his medical career. One news report on the charges makes it seem like the man has already been proven guilty, but it is important for people to remember that charges don't mean a conviction is inevitable.

Because of the large number of charges filed, it will take attention to detail and a thorough criminal defense to work through the legal process. A person should understand their rights if they are arrested or charged with any crime, especially charges that could end a person's career. Speaking with a criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision for a person facing similar white collar crime charges.

An experienced attorney can help evaluate the potential evidence that will be presented in a case and advice the accused person of their legal rights and options. By preserving a person's rights, they can ensure a fair trial is conducted, from which the truth may be discovered.

Source: Patch, "Nutley Resident Indicted for Falsifying Medical Claims," Richard A. Dickon, July 27, 2012

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