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Four charged in New Jersey teen beating


Four people have now been arrested and charged for beating a teenager in New Jersey late last month. According to a report, police say the four people beat up a teenager that was one of the suspect's ex-boyfriends. The teen from New Jersey had to seek medical attention, and the three were charged with assault among other charges. Because the four people accused in the case are young adults, these charges could damage their futures.

When someone is charged with a crime such as assault, they risk not being able to apply to college or might be forced out of a school that they worked very hard to get into. Not only could they face difficulty in their personal, professional and academic lives, but if they are convicted, they could face a long jail sentence or fines.

The consequences of being convicted of a crime are sometimes very severe. Speaking with a criminal defense attorney can help ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Sometimes police try to gather evidence, and might make a mistake that could harm a person's chances at a fair trial. An attorney can help ensure all evidence is acquired legally.

When multiple people are accused of the same crime in the same incident, it is possible there are details that were confused by witnesses or police. By formulating a rigorous criminal defense, a person can help clear their name when they may have just been someplace where a crime was happening, even though they didn't participate in the act.

Source:, "Wyckoff police make fourth arrest in beating of Ridgewood teen," Dan Ivers, Aug. 7, 2012

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