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Feds arrest 3 on suspicion of tax fraud


Investigators say they have arrested three people connected to an alleged identity theft and tax fraud scheme. Law enforcement says the three people from New Jersey hoped to steal identities and use them to file fraudulent tax returns to get refunds. This accusation is serious and people accused of tax fraud and identity theft might be wise to speak with a criminal defense attorney.

An attorney can help those accused of crimes understand their rights and work to protect them. It is important that all information and evidence law enforcement tries to use was acquired legally. Any illegally acquired evidence could be a violation of the accused person's rights.

According to a report, the people involved allegedly tried to file tax returns on behalf of 18 people who resided at the place where some of the accused people worked. They reportedly worked at a development center in North Jersey.

Not only could the people in this case face up to 10 years in prison for conspiracy to submit false claims against the United States and five years for identity theft, but they may also face large fines. On top of the potential punishments if a person is convicted, people who have a criminal record may have a harder time finding employment and housing.

Because of the severe consequences of many crimes, it is important to formulate a rigorous criminal defense. An attorney can help evaluate the evidence and make sure that investigators don't overstep their bounds and violate the rights of the accused.

Source: NJ Today, "Three Arrested In Connection With Alleged ID Theft/Tax Fraud Scheme," Aug. 13, 2012

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