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Extra patrols for drunk driving in New Jersey start today


Throughout the summer, everyone is out enjoying the nice weather. Many summer holidays are celebrated with family and friends. Law enforcement across the country, including in New Jersey, often step up patrols to make more drunk driving arrests. Today, state and local officials are against ratcheting up patrols in an effort to arrest drunk drivers.

During drunk driving campaigns, some police departments set up sobriety checkpoints, while other departments patrol the roads, and pull over drivers even for the smallest driving mistakes. This can be the type of traffic stop that results in many unfair arrests for drunk driving.

People, who may forget to use a turn signal, or veer too close to a lane line, might get pulled over and questioned. Sometimes officers will ask the person if they've had anything to drink. They then might ask a person to submit to field sobriety testing. Often these tests are for coordination, and may not accurately reflect a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle. Since these tests are widely used across the country, it is important to understand your rights.

An arrest for drunk driving can have many consequences including loss of a license, fines, higher insurance rates, and a social stigma. It might be wise for someone who is arrested for drunk driving to speak with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney. They may be able to help a person fight the charges, and navigate the legal system to make sure the person isn't wrongfully convicted.

Source: Patch, "Drunken Driver Crackdown Starts Today," Aug. 17, 2012

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