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New Jersey men accused of lying to cover up drunk driving


Imagine being carjacked and then crashing into something. Two New Jersey men say that they were forced to drive their car at gunpoint and then crashed. New Jersey authorities say it was a cover up for a drunk driving accident. One of the men suffered from a broken arm during the accident.

The man who was injured was also later charged with drunk driving and both were charged with hindering apprehension and falsifying a police report. These very serious charges will need a rigorous criminal defense.

It's not clear why the police don't believe that the men could have been carjacked. If the police are basing their accusations on the fact that the men left a bar, they may not be fully considering all of the evidence. If the men were carjacked, police would be focusing their resources on trying to convict two men that did nothing wrong.

When someone files a police report and the police believe they are lying, it might be important to consult with a criminal defense attorney. They can help explain to the accused person their rights and try to ensure the police don't use unfair tactics to gather evidence that could hurt the person's reputation.

Many times police reports are the sole source for new stories, which can harm a person's reputation before they have a chance to defend his or her self. This means that they may be unable to obtain employment or might have consequences in other parts of their lives before the legal process takes shape.

Source:, "Two N.J. men accused of lying about carjacking to cover up drunk driving crash," March 19, 2012

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