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37 arrested, accused of drug crime in North Camden


Late last week, police conducted a sweep through North Camden and surrounding areas, arresting 37 people. The people are accused of either selling or buying drugs. It isn't clear from a report how much or what kind of drugs the North Camden residents are accused of dealing with. Police say that six people were charged with selling the drugs and the rest were arrested for buying.

When drug crime arrests occur, it is important that people understand their rights. During drug sweeps, police arrest multiple people in a very short period of time. This can cause confusion on behalf of both parties. Some people might not understand their rights when they are arrested, and some police might not follow proper procedure. When police violate a person's rights, they may not be able to get a fair trial or might be wrongfully accused and convicted.

No matter how severe a person's drug crime charge might be, the consequences for a conviction of any drug crime can be very similar beyond, individual sentencing. Some people might lose custody of their children if they are convicted of a drug crime. Others might lose their jobs or be unable to find future employment or housing.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision if you are accused of a drug crime in Camden or elsewhere in New Jersey. They can make sure your rights are protected throughout the legal process. If your rights are violated they can help take appropriate action to make sure you are treated fairly.

Source: The Inquirer, "Nearly 40 people arrested in North Camden drug sweep," James Osborne, Aug. 19, 2012

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