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Man arrested after allegedly sexually abusing woman on New Jersey bound plane


A man is facing serious charges after a flight to New Jersey this week. The man, who is from New Jersey, is accused of sexually abusing a woman while she slept in a seat next to him on a United Airlines flight. The man is now facing charges in federal court and according to one report could face up to life in prison if he is convicted.

The report indicates that man and woman didn't know each other. Someone facing similar charges might be wise to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. They can help form a rigorous criminal defense and make sure an accused person's rights are protected.

While it is important to be sensitive to other people involved in the case, it is also important that a person facing such serious charges has their right to a fair trial. Sometimes investigators will try to gather evidence and witnesses in order to try to get a conviction. If the investigators involved in the case violate the rights of the accused person in the case, some evidence might be thrown out, or a case might be entirely dismissed, depending on the individual circumstances.

Life in prison as a consequence is one of the most severe sentences. Even if a person isn't sentenced to a long term, the repercussions of a conviction of a sex crime could lead to a lifetime label and stigma associated with a person. A criminal defense attorney can help defend against charges and help preserve a person's reputation in the process.

Source: NBC 4, "NJ Man Arrested in Sexual Abuse of Sleeping Woman on Airplane," Aug. 22, 2012

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