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New Jersey man faces sexual assault charges


When someone is accused of a crime, it is important that they understand their rights. Every person is allowed to defend themselves and has the right to a fair trial. If the person faces charges related to a sex crime in New Jersey, it might be especially important to form a rigorous defense.

A man in New Jersey was accused earlier this week of sexual assaulting another person. Police say that the person the man allegedly assaulted was not capable of giving consent to sexual activity. The man was arrested and will face charges related to the accusations in the coming weeks and months. According to reports, the police also say that the man knew the person was not able to give consent.

These types of crime accusations need to be approached with sensitivity. While it is important to respect the rights of any potential victim, it is also important to recognize the rights of the accused. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision for someone facing sex crime charges in New Jersey.

The minute a person is arrested, police might start talking to the person or asking them questions. Anything the accused person says could be used against them later in court. Having an attorney present during any questioning might be able to help reduce the amount of information that prosecutors can use to convict the person.

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-Criminal charges can often be confusing for those who are arrested. Being accused of a sex crime can do damage to a person's reputation. To learn more about criminal defense, please visit our website.

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