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52 people charged in alleged New Jersey drug ring


According to reports, an eight-month long investigation is what led to the arrest of 41 people in Monmouth County. The county prosecutor announced the arrests earlier this week, charging 52 people involved in a multimillion-dollar heroin ring. The report said that 11 of the people that were charged have not yet been arrested.

These charges are extremely serious. After eight months, an investigation is likely to contain large amounts of evidence. After a drug arrest in New Jersey, authorities will continue their investigation, and may interview suspects to try to get them to confess or give them more information. This information will be used against the person in court, and may lead to their conviction for a crime. That is why it is important that people understand their rights after an arrest.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey might be a wise decision. They can help a person look at the evidence that might be presented against them and form a rigorous defense. Sometimes people don't understand the criminal justice system or the legal process, and they say or do something that might make their case difficult to win. An experienced attorney can be with an accused person during questioning and make sure they don't say anything that might harm their case.

This is important in helping to defend the person's record and reputation. After an arrest, a person's name might be associated with a crime and news reports might be printed that seem to assume the person is guilty. An attorney can help defend a person's reputation and hopefully help them recover from damage that may have already been done.

Source: Patch, "Monmouth Prosecutor's Office Busts Multimillion-Dollar Heroin Ring," Jacklyn Corley, Dec. 17, 2012

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