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Four men arrested in New Jersey drug bust


Police often investigate drug related crimes in hopes of finding out who might be dealing the drugs to certain geographic areas. Over the last month, police have arrested four people in the Bergen County and North Jersey area for drug dealing related charges. A report said the police also seized over $40,000 worth of cocaine during their arrests and subsequent investigations.

Police searched some of the people's homes that were arrested, reportedly finding more cocaine that what police alleged they found on the men. The men are now being held in Bergen County jail where they will await court appearances and trial. The investigation will likely continue as police and prosecutors work to build a case against the men.

Because these investigations are often lengthy and full of detailed, one-sided police reports, it might be wise for the person arrested and charged with a crime to understand their rights. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision. They can help the person evaluate evidence and understand their rights. While the investigation is ongoing, police might continue to question the people who are charged. An attorney can help the person protect their rights while being questioned by authorities.

Many times drug charges can result in lengthy jail or prison sentences, fines, and a damaged reputation. If someone commits a drug crime, they might also have difficulty finding employment and housing after they serve their sentence.

Source:, "Bergen drug dealer sweep nets four arrests, nearly $40,000 in cocaine," Dan Ivers, Dec. 12, 2012

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