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Man charged with sexual assault while working in New Jersey emergency room


A man was arrested late last month for allegedly sexually assaulting two women. According to a report the man has been charged with one count of criminal sexual contact and one count of sexual assault in New Jersey. A news report says the man was accused of placing a woman's hand on his genitals and fondling another woman while he was a worker in an emergency room.

These accusations are especially serious because the alleged incidents took place at the person's job. Since the man worked as an emergency room technician at the hospital, it is possibly he could lose his job because of the accusations or any conviction relating to the charges.

The man will now have to face trial for the charges and it is important that he receives a fair trial. Sometimes people make fake false accusations, or investigators mishandle evidence that might be used in a case. This could lead to a wrongful conviction and cost a person their reputation and years of their life in prison.

When a person is accused of a crime such as these, their reputations could be tarnished. It might be impossible for a person who is accused of these crimes to find a job in the future, which could further harm their personal situation. An experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey can help people defend their reputation and record against charges relating to an alleged sexual assault. If a person doesn't understand their rights in a trial, they might be unfairly convicted and face a lengthy prison sentence.

Source:, "Plainsboro emergency room worker charged in sex assaults of two patients," Anthony G. Attrino, Nov. 26, 2012

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