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New Jersey police arrest, accuse man of kidnapping


A man was arrested after police say he kidnapped a girl last month and took her to a home that the two had previously shared. The man and women were reportedly in a relationship and had participated in a religious ceremony not recognized by the State of New Jersey. The teenage girl had been living with her parents when she was reportedly taken.

Police say she was taken against her will and the man was arrested in New York City after the girl reportedly called her father to tell him she had been kidnapped and assaulted. The man and a taxi driver were charged with kidnapping and the man was also charged with assault and aggravated assault.

Many times when a person is arrested they might have a difficult time understanding the charges and the evidence that is presented against them. The men in this case might be charges both in New York and in New Jersey. It might be wise for someone in a similar situation to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. They can help a person understand their rights.

Once a person understands their rights, they can work to form a rigorous criminal defense to help clear their name of wrongdoing. In addition to a criminal record, being convicted of a crime can have a negative impact on a person's reputation in their community and the ability to find employment.

Source: Patch, "Maplewood Police Arrest Man for Allegedly Kidnapping Teen," Carolyn Maynard-Parisi, Dec. 3, 2012

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