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Two plead guilty to fraud charges in New Jersey


Two men are now facing lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines after pleading guilty to fraud related charges. The men were accused of taking kickbacks for referrals and then not reporting income properly, totaling over $1 million combined. The men reportedly took $500 for each patient they referred for additional services outside of the services of their chiropractic businesses.

The men were arrested and charged with the crimes in July 2011. According to the report, the men could both face seven years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution and back taxes. They will also face suspension of their chiropractic licenses for 18 months. While that might seem insignificant compare to their prison sentences, facing suspension of a professional license could be detrimental to a person's career.

People who are arrested for crimes might be wise to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney before entering a guilty plea in court. After a person pleads guilty, it would be hard to appeal a decision and sentencing will likely take place shortly after entering a plea.

An experienced attorney can help a person form a rigorous criminal defense. This defense can help the person clear their name of wrongdoing, hopefully restoring any damage to their reputation in the process. This can also limit damage to their professional lives. It is important to evaluate all evidence and understand the risks of pleading guilty versus going to trial.

Source: Patch, "Chester Chiropractor Pleads Guilty to Taking Kickbacks," Jim Leggate, Nov. 29, 2012

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