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Man arrested for counterfeit computer products


A man in New Jersey was arrested after New Jersey state police were tipped off about alleged fake Apple computer products being sold at bodegas in New Jersey. Police say Apple contacted them after finding out about the sale of products that might not have been authorized.

When a person is arrested, they might not know what to do. Police might start asking questions and leave little time for a person to process what this might mean for their reputation and their future. They might quickly start talking and telling police things they want to hear, just to get them to go away. Although people might hope that they can quickly settle charges against them, it might be wise to speak with an experienced attorney.

An attorney can help a person understand the charges they might be facing and work to help them build a rigorous defense. It's unclear in this case what sentence the man might face if he is convicted, but according to reports, the products the man was allegedly trying to sell were valued at over $680,000.

If a person is accused of a crime, their reputation might suffer. If they are convicted of a crime, they might face troubles with their reputation as well as future employment opportunities. A criminal record can hurt a person in personal ways as well. By forming a rigorous defense, a person can protect their rights and make sure they aren't incriminated for a crime they didn't commit.

Source: NBC 4, "NJ Man Accused of Selling Fake Apple Products," Nov. 29, 2012

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