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Man indicted on New Jersey sexual assault charges


Sometimes, people face charges for alleged crimes that occurred many years in the past. This can happen when a potential crime isn't discovered for a long period of time, or if the authorities don't have enough evidence to charge a person with a crime. A New Jersey man was charged recently with multiple sex crimes including sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child. These charges come after a grand jury indicted the man, years after the alleged crimes occurred.

The man is accused of committing crimes against a child between June and October 2003. Many things remain unclear in this case, and while it is important to by sensitive in matters involving a potential victim, it is also important that a person accused is treated as innocent until proven otherwise. Speaking with a criminal defense attorney can help those accused of crimes form a rigorous criminal defense.

That criminal defense can help a person understand the charges they are facing. An attorney can review the evidence against the person and make sure the accused person's rights are protected. Given the length of time from the alleged date of the crime to the time when the person was charged, it is possible the case has become very complex.

During complex sexual assault cases in New Jersey, it is important that no detail is overlooked. An attorney can make sure the authorities in the case haven't overstepped their bounds or violated the rights of the accused through their investigation. If a person's rights have been violated an attorney can help that person navigate the legal system to make sure they are treated fairly.

Source: Patch, "Indictment for Near-Decade Old Alleged Child Sex Assault," July 3, 2012

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