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Police charge New Jersey woman with DWI


Minor traffic violations can sometimes turn into something much more. That could be what happened to a woman who was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated and other traffic violations in New Jersey last week. The woman was driving down the road when she allegedly went by a police officer and failed to dim her high beams.

According to a report, this is when the cop started following the woman. When a police officer is following a person, they tend to be nervous, even if they aren't doing anything wrong. A little mistake when a cop is following a person can quickly turn into something like a DWI charge.

When the woman was pulled over, she was subjected to field sobriety tests, many of which test balance and coordination, but might not be a good indicator of whether a person is able to drive a vehicle. When a person is charged with driving while intoxicated in New Jersey, they may be wise to speak with a criminal defense attorney. They can help a person form a rigorous defense against the charges and prevent a criminal record that might come with a stigma attached.

People that are convicted of DWI might have difficulty explaining the situation to a prospective employer and to family and friends. Making sure a person's rights are protected is something an attorney can help with to ensure there is no wrongful conviction. A driving error can lead to large penalties including losing your driver's license, so it is important to defend your reputation.

Source: Patch, "Woman Arrested For DWI on Route 182," July 4, 2012

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