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Two New Jersey men charged with defrauding railroad, wire fraud


Fraud is a very serious accusation. The accusation of fraud can have negative impacts on a person's career and even stress in their family life. When someone is accused of fraud, they will likely face public scrutiny even before they have a chance to have a fair trial.

Two New Jersey men have been charged with fraud after authorities say they tried to defraud the New Jersey Transit system. The accusation is that the men tried to sell fares on a New Jersey train for less than the actual fare, and kept the money.

One man was charged with second-degree official misconduct and both men allegedly involved where charged with third-degree theft and third-degree conspiracy. These charges will need a rigorous criminal defense, as a conviction could make it very difficult to be employed in the future.

One of the men was a conductor for the transit system and the other is said to be his accomplice. The investigation is still being conducted, so it is very important for those involved to be cautious of what they say. It is every person's right not to incriminate themselves.

Speaking with a New Jersey criminal defense attorney can help someone understand their rights if they are ever accused of fraud. These charges can lead to long jail sentences and hefty fines if there is a conviction. They could also mean that these men will face a very tough time finding employment, which would only make their situation worse. Talking with an attorney could help them determine what information they should and should not provide to prosecutors and help navigate the legal process.

Source: Patch, "NJT Conductor Charged With Attempting to Defraud Railroad," Adam Hochron, Feb. 29, 2012

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