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New Jersey four state to make synthetic drug sales a crime


The state of New Jersey has now banned the possession and sale of many synthetic drugs. This comes as they grow in popularity, and are marketed under the names K2, Spice, and a few others. This means it would be a drug crime in New Jersey to posses or sell these items. This may come as a surprise to some people.

When a new ban goes into place like this, people need to make sure they understand that having these items could be considered a crime. Sometimes when there is something new on the market, people might not understand that the government has imposed a rule restricting that item.

A drug crime from some of these synthetic crimes could be treated like any other drug crime according to the state attorney general. The state of New Jersey is the fours state to ban these items.

They are commonly sold around the state in convenience stores and sometimes marketed as potpourri. It is said that these items might be dangerous because the source of the products is sometimes unknown and unreliable.

If someone in New Jersey possesses these items and doesn't understand that they are now banned, they may end up with an unexpected drug crime on their record. Because not everyone might be aware of the recent ban, it would be wise if someone is charged with a drug crime relating to one of these products to speak with a criminal defense attorney.

An attorney can help ensure your rights are not violated, and that the investigators acted within the law in their arrest.

Source: North Jersey, "Update: N.J. bans 'synthetic marijuana' over health concerns," James M. O'Neill, Feb. 29, 2012

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