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Man charged with aggravated assault after New Jersey shooting


Authorities are continuing their investigation into a shooting that left one girl shot inside her house late last month. New Jersey police have arrested a man and charged him with aggravated assault and among other charges after they say the man shot at the house. Investigators may take some time to conclude their investigation.

Police aren't yet saying why they think the shooting occurred, however the man who was arrested is facing serious accusations. Although the girl is expected to recover, the charges against the man include weapons charges. These charges could lead to unfavorable treatment later in life.

When someone faces serious charges involving the injury of another person, their reputation and future is put on the line. A wrongful conviction can force a person into prison who shouldn't be there. Furthermore, those who aren't informed of their rights or are treated unfairly by investigators might face longer sentences if they are convicted because they didn't understand how the legal system works.

Police are sometimes quick to arrest suspects hoping to keep the community calm while they continue their investigation. The suspects name then ends up in the media, further damaging their reputation before they are able to have a fair trial. It is important that if someone is arrested they understand their rights.

People that face serious criminal charges in New Jersey such as aggravated assault could seek legal help from a criminal defense attorney. They can help the accused understand the legal process and what rights they have.

Source:, "Man charged in shooting of N.J. girl hit by stray shot," March 6, 2012

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