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Accusations lead to sexual assault charges against New Jersey teacher


When criminal charges are related to a person's line of work, they can be especially serious. If a person in New Jersey is accused of sexual assault when they work for a school, the consequences could be career ending. Simply being accused of such a crime could have devastating effects on a person's reputation and might spell the end of their career in education.

A woman in New Jersey has been accused and charged with sexual assault after allegedly participating in sexual activity with a student. Even if it isn't clear what allegations of sexual assault are based on, it might be wise for those accused of a crime to speak with a criminal defense attorney. They can help make sure all evidence was gathered legally, and that the accused person's rights are protected.

Because a conviction could mean a teacher would never be able to teach again, and they would have a harder time finding a job related to teaching, it is important that they receive fair treatment. Since every person is innocent until proven guilty in the criminal justice system, it is important that every person be treated fairly and with respect.

While it is important to respect any potential victims in cases dealing with sexual assault, it is equally important that the person accused of the crime is able to defend his or herself. While the case is being investigated, the woman accused in this situation has been suspended from teaching, showing how serious these charges are and how much of an impact the case is already having on her career.

Source: NBC 4, "NJ Teacher, Softball Coach Arrested in Alleged Sex Assault," May 4, 2012

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