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New Jersey mom faces criminal charges after accusations of child endangerment


A New Jersey mom is being accused of a crime that many people would gasp at. It has caused a lot of national media attention, but could be explainable. Many people use tanning booths, and understand the risks associated with using the machines that emit ultraviolet rays that can harm the skin. Now a New Jersey woman, who happens to tan often, is facing criminal charges of child endangerment after she was accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter tanning. News reports don't indicate whether any salon reported her taking her daughter tanning, and authorities say she snuck her daughter into a booth.

The woman says that her daughter suffered from sunburn after being outside on a sunny April day, and that she would never take her daughter to a tanning both. Many states restrict the use of tanning beds before a certain age, and it is likely that a tanning salon would not have let a young girl into a tanning both. Just because a woman tans doesn't mean she would endanger her child.

Sometimes people judge others before they have the full story. When something happens that is not usually heard of in the news, the story can quickly gain a lot of attention. Not only could this attention hurt the woman who is facing the criminal charges in New Jersey, but it could hurt the child.

When someone is accused of a crime, they should understand their rights. In this case the stakes of the woman possibly losing her daughter make it even more important to formulate a rigorous criminal defense. A criminal defense attorney can help those accused of crimes understand and protect their rights.

Source: Fox News, "Probation dropped against tanned NJ mom," May 4, 2012

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