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New Jersey man faces multiple drunk driving charges


When a person is accused of a crime and arrested, a police report might be involved. This is a report that authorities will make, summing up their point of view on how an arrest took place. These reports can be released to the general public, and are often the sole source of new reports. A man in New Jersey is not facing media scrutiny because of an arrest for a DUI. His history of alleged offenses made him a target for public opinion.

Police say they received a tip last week that the man was driving, and they followed him, before pulling him over and arresting him. According to reports this is his fifth arrest in five weeks. That means he will likely face stiff penalties if he is convicted because of the multiple charges against him.

A rigorous criminal defense might be helpful in a case such as this. If a person has past convictions of crimes, the court might look to extend a person's punishment and provided little help to ensure the person doesn't make a mistake again.

Making sure that police follow proper procedures during an arrest and throughout an investigation is important in formulating a defense. Speaking with a criminal defense attorney can help a person accused of a crime understand their rights, and work to ensure their rights are protected. They can also try to work with the court system to seek an alternative resolution which might benefit a person who is convicted of a crime multiple times.

Source: WPVI, "NJ man charged with 5th DUI in 5 weeks," May 16, 2012

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