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Two charged with death by auto after New Jersey accident


A tragic accident earlier this month left one man dead. According to reports, two men are now facing charges of death by auto after the car accident near MetLife stadium in New Jersey. They were both charged, although only one of the men allegedly hit the motorcyclist that died in the accident. In cases involving a tragic death, it is important to be sensitive to the victim's family, but also remember that those charged have rights that must be preserved.

The two men were driving luxury cars back to a track near the stadium that was set up to allow people to test drive their dream cars. This accident will likely require a lengthy investigation. Throughout that investigation, police will likely question the two men who are accused of the crime. It is important that their rights are preserved throughout the legal process.

Sometimes people are misinformed of their rights during an interrogation and they might say something that could incriminate them. It is important when dealing with charges in New Jersey that people have the opportunity to defend themselves. It might be helpful to speak with a criminal defense attorney who can help explain your rights to you and make sure they aren't violated during any investigations.

During a highly publicized case, an attorney can work to control damage to a person's image while they are awaiting court proceedings. They can also make sure all the proceedings go according to the law, and that the person has a chance at a fair trial.

Source: The Star-Ledger, "Two men driving Ferraris charged in crash that killed Kinnelon motorcyclist near MetLife Stadium," James Queally, May 15, 2012

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