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Doctor pleads guilty to selling drugs in New Jersey


Sometimes, charges and a conviction of a crime can have far reaching consequences. A doctor in New Jersey was facing charges of selling prescription pain medication to a drug dealer. Authorities also said the doctor created fraudulent medical documents. The man pleaded guilty to the alleged crimes.

Because he pleaded guilty, he could face prison time, and would almost certainly lose his medical license. That means his medical career could be over. When a person pleads guilty, it is important that they understand exactly what that means. It could mean a lengthy prison sentence, reputation damage, and having to face friends and family. If someone is accused of a crime, they should remember that they are considered innocent until proven guilty.

This mean the authorities must provided a substantial amount of evidence that can convince a jury. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision if someone is ever accused of drug crimes in New Jersey. They can help for a rigorous defense and make sure the accused person understands their rights.

Many times with drug crimes, a conviction cannot only harm the person's reputation, but it can make it difficult to find employment or housing after they serve time in prison. They might be forced to work any job they can find just to make ends meet. If a person makes an unlawful mistake related to a drug crime, pleading guilty could eliminate their chances at restoring their reputation and career, which is why it might be important to seek legal help before agreeing to a plea.

Source:, "NJ doctor pleads guilty to selling prescriptions to drug dealer," Todd McHale, Oct. 25, 2012

-Drug charges are extremely serious and can harm a person's career. To learn more, please visit our website.

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