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New Jersey man arrested after bank robbery investigation


After a lengthy three-month investigation, a man was arrested in connection with multiple bank robberies. The investigation was conducted by the New Jersey Bank Robbery Task Force and concluded earlier this month with criminal charges being filed. The man who was arrested has been accused of robbing and attempting to rob multiple banks throughout the state and has now been charged with four different robbery related counts.

During the alleged robberies, authorities also say the man threatened employees, which could lengthen his potential prison time from a conviction. Multiple agencies were involved in the investigation that led to the man's arrest. Because the investigation in this case was very lengthy and involved many agencies, it is possible that details of the case were misinterpreted or evidence was incorrectly obtained.

If evidence is obtained incorrectly or illegally, it might violate the rights of the accused. One report says that undercover activity took place during the investigation. It is important that a person arrested for robbery in New Jersey understands their rights and works to form a rigorous criminal defense.

The man in this case could face many years in prison if he is convicted. The length of a possible sentence makes it very important that the man is given a fair trial. An experienced attorney can help an accused person defend their reputation and make sure their rights were not violated during the course of the investigation and that they are protected throughout the trial.

Source: North Jersey, "Bank robbery investigation concludes with one arrest," Oct. 31, 2012

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