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Five arrested for alleged burglaries in New Jersey


Last week, five people were arrested for an alleged burglary ring. The men are accused of burglarizing dozens of homes throughout northern New Jersey over the past few months. Police say the men were caught in another state and somehow tied to the burglaries in New Jersey, although reports didn't indicate how they were implicated in those alleged crimes.

Officials say the investigation into these allegations is ongoing, so little details were available about the arrests. When there is an ongoing investigation and someone has been accused, arrested or charged with a crime, that person might be wise to speak with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney.

No matter what crime a person might be accused of, it is important that they understand their rights. Understanding one's rights can help prevent providing evidence to police that they otherwise wouldn't have had. Sometimes police will ask questions to try to get someone to admit guilt. Before admitting to guilt or accepting a plea agreement, it might be wise to speak with an attorney.

Crimes such as burglary could lead to jail time, and they could also significantly harm a person's future, so it might be wise to form a rigorous defense. Sometimes convictions of a crime can limit a person's ability to find housing or a good job in the future. During an already tough job market, a criminal conviction could cause extreme financial difficulty and have implications far beyond any sentence that might be handed down.

Source:, "5 arrested in connection with major North Jersey burglary ring," Louis C. Hochman, Oct. 26, 2012

-Burglary is a serious offense. To learn more about criminal defense, please visit our website.

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