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Men arrested in New Jersey on weapons charges


Two men were arrested last week for allegedly carrying weapons. Officers from a New Jersey police department stopped the two men after they said the men were walking down the streets and not bending their arms. They allegedly found a steak knife and a broomstick on the two men. They were arrested and charged with weapons possession and released.

Although a broomstick and a steak knife might not seem like extreme weapons, the charges against the two men are very serious. The men were released but will be forced to face the charges in court. It might be wise for people facing weapons related charges to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

An attorney can help make sure a person's rights are protected and help gather evidence to help prove the person's innocence. By making sure a person's rights aren't violated, an attorney can help secure a person's innocence. If police make accusations or an arrest without a reason, they might be in violation of a person's rights.

A rigorous criminal defense can work to protect a person's reputation. By fighting charges a person can secure their future. A criminal conviction in New Jersey can lead to a difficult time finding employment or housing. This can already be difficult in a time of high unemployment. Unfounded police searches might contribute to false arrests and incarceration.

Source: The Jersey Journal, "Union City police arrest two men on weapons charges," Anthony J. Machcinski, Oct. 2, 2012

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