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Man faces child pornography charge in New Jersey


A man is being accused of a very serious crime after police say he chatted with another man online and traded child pornography. The New Jersey man is charges with receiving and distributing child pornography. Police also allege the former Boy Scout leader had a relationship with a boy during the time he was an active leader.

These allegations are especially serious, and could result in significant jail time if the man is convicted. On top of prison time, a conviction could lead to the man's reputation being damaged and a stigma that comes with a conviction of a sex crime. Police didn't say whether they knew of any boy actually being involved in a relationship with this man.

Sometimes cases like this include computer file evidence, as police claim they have in this case. Cases involving such evidence can sometimes be difficult because the computer might not necessarily belong to the person that was arrested. Regardless of what evidence is presented, these charges require a rigorous criminal defense. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey might be a wise decision.

They can help a person evaluate the evidence that might be presented against them, and work to form a defense. They can also make sure a person understands all of their rights and make sure those rights haven't been violated at any point in the legal process.

Source: Associated Press, "Former NJ Boy Scout leader faces child porn charge," Sept. 21, 2012

-Child pornography charges are extremely serious sex crime accusations. To learn more, please visit our criminal defense website.

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