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New Jersey police: three face drug charges, searching for fourth suspect


Police arrested three men outside of a New Jersey Chili's Restaurant earlier this month. This comes after authorities say was a two-month investigation. The men are now facing drug charges in New Jersey of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute along with resisting arrest. Police say they are also looking for a fourth person who fled the scene.

These charges are especially serious. Many times drug related crimes can end with prison time or serious fines. On top of any possible sentence that must be served because of a conviction, people can also face serious damage to their reputation after a drug charge in New Jersey. If someone has been arrested or believes they are being investigated for a crime they might be wise to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

An attorney can help a person defend the charges against them. By understanding the legal system, an attorney will make sure a person's rights are not violated and have not been violated during the legal process. Sometimes police make decisions during an arrest that violate a person's rights or alter evidence. This could make it difficult for a person to receive a fair trial.

By working to clear a person's name of wrongdoing, an attorney can help get a person's life back on track after an arrest. Drug charges in New Jersey, such as the ones described in this post should be taken seriously, and forming a criminal defense might be a wise decision.

Source: Patch, "Three Charged in Alleged Drug Bust in Chili's Parking Lot," Eamon Harbord, Sept. 14, 2012

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