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Trenton, New Jersey mayor arrested for allegedly accepting bribes


Public officials are constantly scrutinized. Not only are they watched by the media, but also by citizens, other government and non-government organizations. People who are in the public spotlight, either as a publicly elected official or someone who is prominent in the community are often held to a higher standard. Sometime highly criticized individuals are arrested for crimes, which might be misunderstandings that a blown out of proportion.

The mayor of Trenton, New Jersey, Tony Mack, was arrested this week on charges of accepting bribes. According to reports, the mayor was allegedly plotting with his brother to accept $119,000 in exchange for selling a plot of land to a developer at a reduced price. This type of accusation can not only impact a person's long term career, but their reputation as well.

When an accusation of a public official is made, media picks up on the issue very quickly. This can lead the community to ask for the official to step down from their position even if they haven't had a chance at a fair trial. Because an arrest and criminal charges can harm a person's reputation it might be wise for someone in a similar situation to speak with a criminal defense attorney.

An attorney can help a person defend their reputation and clear their name of any wrongdoing. Sometimes criminal charges stem from illegally acquired evidence or misinformation. An experienced attorney can help review the evidence and make sure a person's rights aren't violated.

Source: Reuters, "Mayor of New Jersey's capital arrested on corruption charge," Dave Warner, Sept. 10, 2012

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