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New Jersey man arrested, charged with attempted murder, kidnapping


A man was arrested this week for a crime that might seem quite out of the ordinary. Police are accusing the New Jersey man of trying to kidnap two children and throw them in front of a train. This crime garnered a lot of rapid media attention, which can harm a person's rights to a fair trial. These cases can often be complex, and it is important that all evidence is gathered and evaluated.

While it is important to be sensitive to those who might have been affected in this situation, it is also important to guard the rights of the accused. If a person accused of a crime has their rights violated, it could lead to their wrongful conviction, resulting in a criminal record and potential punishment that would drastically alter their life.

Police are investigating whether the man had drugs or alcohol in his system. If someone is found to have a problem with substance dependency, it might be wise for them to seek professional treatment, not spend time in jail. Whatever is found in any case, it is important that people have the opportunity to defend themselves in court.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help people who are arrested for crimes protect their rights. If a person understands their rights, they can work to form a rigorous defense. Many times people don't understand all of their rights after they are arrested, which can cause more legal issues if the person gives police information they weren't obligated to give.

Source: Fox News, "NJ man arrested for trying to throw boys in front of train, police say," Sept. 4, 2012

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