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Man loses NJ Supreme Court drug crime case


A man was arrested in New Jersey in 2008 after police say he answered the door while smoking a marijuana cigarette. The police did not obtain a warrant before entering the man's residence. They reportedly found marijuana, cocaine and heroin inside the man's apartments. The man contested the charges saying the police should have had a warrant to enter his apartment, but the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled against the man last week.

They said that the police met the requirements to enter the man's apartment without a warrant because he tried to flee from police after police saw the man smoking marijuana. An appellate court had previously ruled that police did require a warrant to enter his apartment.

These cases can be very confusing for a person who is arrested. Because there are many different court cases to examine as precedent for charges and each situation can be unique, it is important that people understand their basic rights. Understanding these rights can help a person ensure they don't say something incriminating to authorities.

Often, people who are arrested are asked questions by police. Some of these questions might seem almost sympathetic to a person's situation, but any answers to these questions might later be used to help convict a person. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney after an arrest for New Jersey drug crimes might be a wise decision. They can help protect a person's rights and work to form a rigorous criminal defense. Sometimes through confusion during an arrest, facts are overlooked. An attorney can help look at the entire situation and work with the person throughout the legal process.

Source: NBC 40, "NJ Supreme Court OKs warrantless drug arrest," April 11, 2013

-People might have many questions about their rights after being charged with a drug crime in New Jersey. Please visit our website to learn more about New Jersey arrests.

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