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New Jersey cardiologist pleads guilty to fraud


A cardiologist that had offices in New Jersey and New York pleaded guilty this week to fraud charges. The man was accused of billing $19 million in treatments that weren't necessary. Authorities say he diagnosed people incorrectly with coronary artery disease and angina. He then allegedly treated them and billed Medicare and Medicaid.

These cases often contain a large amount of information. In this case, the man pleaded guilty and will not be sentenced in July. It's unclear what the sentence could entail, but it will likely be severe, as reports indicate the case could be the largest case of health care fraud by a doctor in both New Jersey and New York.

Because of the severity of some sentences, it is important that people understand what penalties they might face if they plead guilty to a crime. An experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey can help a person understand their rights and work to form a rigorous defense. They can also help a person understand what a plea deal might mean.

Evaluating all of the evidence in a case is important after a person is accused of a crime. People who are convicted, either because of pleading guilty or because of a trial, might have difficulty reintegrating into a community after they serve their sentence. In cases when a crime is related to a person's job, they might lose their license needed to conduct their business and might be barred from practicing in their field in the future.

Source: Associated Press, "New York, New Jersey area cardiologist admits record fraud," April 11, 2013

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