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New Jersey woman faces third arrest for identity theft charges


A New Jersey woman was arrested this week, her third arrest this year, on charges of identity theft. Authorities say the woman stole multiple identities, including the identities of her three young children in order to open accounts with a home heating-oil company. Having bad credit, the woman was reportedly denied accounts under those names, but then opened an account under a completely different name.

She is now facing multiple identity theft charges for trying to open multiple accounts with multiple businesses over the past few months. Since the woman is charged in so many different incidents and on many different counts, the sentences the woman could face might be very severe. In addition to allegations of identity theft, the woman is accused of filing a fraudulent claim with the Federal Emergency Management Agency after Hurricane Sandy. The woman claimed her house was damaged by the storm.

These accusations are extremely serious, and every additional count of identity theft or fraud could worsen any potential sentence. People who are arrested on white collar crime charges might be wise to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey.

An attorney can help a person understand their rights and explore the details of their case. Understanding a case and a person's rights are the first steps in forming a rigorous criminal defense. Some cases are extremely complex. An attorney can help a person understand all of the variables in their case and help them work through the legal process and court procedures.

Source: South Jersey Times, "Pennsville woman arrested again on identity theft charges, police say," Brittany M. Wehner, April 3, 2013

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