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22 arrested in alleged New Jersey drug crimes, gang violence


Police arrested 22 people in New Jersey recently after what they say was a five-month investigation into alleged drug and gang activity. Police say their focus was on violent crime and drug activity. Authorities from multiple departments and areas of New Jersey participated in the investigations and arrests.

Nineteen of the 22 people arrested reportedly had past convictions and were considered violent offenders. It is important that people who are arrested understand their rights and work to defend their name. Sometimes people are arrested in operations involving multiple law enforcement agencies. This can complicate their case, and an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney can help the person form a rigorous defense. They can look into how evidence and information was transferred between agencies and ensure the accused person's rights were never violated.

When someone has been convicted of a crime in the past, they might be mistreated or treated by authorities and courts with an assumption that they are guilty of any future allegations. This could result in a person being convicted of crimes that they didn't commit just because of mistakes they made in the past.

An attorney can help ensure a person has a fair trial. A criminal conviction of a violent or drug crime in New Jersey can result in significant prison time, difficulty finding employment and even issues related to child custody. The importance of a rigorous defense might extend beyond just avoiding a prison sentence. A person's reputation can be tarnished because of criminal conviction, and defending this reputation is extremely important.

Source:, "Morris County Violent Crime Initiative nets 22 arrests," Brendan Kuty, Aug. 22, 2013

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