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New Jersey woman accused of false claims, fraud against charity


A woman from New Jersey was charged earlier this month with various white collar crimes. She is facing charges of third degree theft by deception, fourth degree fraud and fourth degree creating fraudulent documents. These charges were brought against the woman after she made a claim for compensation from the One Fund Boston. This is a charity that was set up to help people whose family members were killed in the terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon earlier this year, or people who were severely injured.

According to a report, the woman's claim was flagged for various reasons, including misspellings in the claim. While many people might associate white collar crimes with people who work on Wall Street or for banks, these accusations can be made of anyone.

They are accusations that should be taken very seriously. Fraud or similar charges can result in a person in New Jersey facing time in prison or severe fines if they are convicted. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision for anyone who is faced with similar charges.

They can help the person understand their rights. Sometimes investigators make mistakes. As minor as a mistake might be, it can have a great impact on a person's case, and might result in a wrongful conviction. If someone is convicted of fraud, they might not only have to serve their sentence, but they could be faced with difficulty finding employment after their sentence, or employment within certain industries such as financial or banking.

Source: Reuters, "N.J. woman charged with fraudulent claim on Boston bombing fund," David Jones, Aug. 9, 2013

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