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Business owner among those accused of New Jersey drug crimes


Seven people were arrested recently in three New Jersey counties for alleged involvement in drug crimes. According to a report, police arrested individuals for allegedly distributing heroin and running a heroin ring. Some people face multiple counts, and one man who was arrested was considered a prominent business owner.

The same report indicated that the man owned a communications business that sold equipment to law enforcement agencies in New Jersey. Accusations of New Jersey drug crimes can be severely damaging to any business owner's reputation. However, if a person sells something to the government, and might be under a contract with the government, a conviction of a crime could ban them from working with the government in the future.

Police reportedly investigated for half a year before making arrests in the case. This required a significant amount of resources, and people who are arrested should understand their rights and the evidence that might be presented against them.

Speaking with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney after an arrest might be a wise decision. If a person owns a business, clearing their name of wrongdoing can be especially important. In this case the man who was a business owner was reportedly close to opening a restaurant, which was gaining a lot of public attention.

An arrest can halt businesses from operating and make it difficult to recover after media exposure. An attorney can help clear the person's name and work to restore the reputation of a professional and their business.

Source: The Star-Ledger, "Prominent N.J. business owner among 7 arrested as suburban heroin ring is busted," Dan Goldberg, Aug. 8, 2013

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