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Dozens arrested over weekend for alleged New Jersey drug crimes


Police arrested 47 people this weekend as part of a second weekend-campaign focused on arresting people for drug crimes and other alleged crimes in Jersey City. The arrests were made when multiple law enforcement agencies worked together. While police say that many of the people were arrested for drug related offenses, the list of charges the people might face has not been released.

Sometimes people are arrested in massive operations from law enforcement agencies. If police aren't careful, they might alter evidence or improperly share information, leading to an arrest of an innocent person. If someone is mistreated or evidence is altered, the person might be wrongfully convicted.

Speaking with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision after an arrest for an alleged drug crime. They can help a person understand their rights and work to form a rigorous criminal defense. Sometimes a person doesn't understand their rights while being arrested or charged, and says something to a police officer or investigator. This information or statement might then be used against them in court. An attorney can be present when a person is questioned to help ensure they don't make incriminating statements.

The operations that were conducted over the last two weekends are not uncommon, so it is important that people seek help if they are part of a mass arrest by law enforcement agencies. An arrest and criminal charge can result in a conviction and damage to a person's personal and professional reputation even if the charges don't seem severe.

Source: The Jersey Journal, "Jersey City cops arrest 47 in 2nd weekend sweep," Rafal Rogoza, Aug. 5, 2013

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