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Federal and New Jersey authorities allege 11 committed Medicaid fraud


Medicaid fraud is a serious offense. Anyone charges with this crime could spend significant time in prison, and serious fines. Prosecutors announced the arrest of 11 people this week in New Jersey after they say the people took part in an elaborate and long-running Medicaid fraud scheme.

The people allegedly caused losses to Medicaid worth millions of dollars. The report on the arrests says that investigators worked for years, and included undercover informants from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. When an investigation takes place over many years, and uses various agencies, there can be confusion of the facts.

An experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey can help a person accused of fraud or another crime sort through the facts and evidence in their case. They can inform the accused of their rights and help make sure their rights aren't violated throughout the court procedures. Sometimes investigators violate the rights of the accused during an investigation, which could lead to some charges being dropped or evidence thrown out.

These rights are important in ensuring that every person has a chance at a fair trial. When someone is arrested, they should remember that anything they say can be used against them later in court. An attorney can help a person facing serious fraud charges understand what questions they should answer during questioning from authorities. The complexity of some cases may result in longer trials and more evidence. Understanding the different parts of the case is important in helping clear a person's record.

Source: The Star-Ledger, "Federal and state authorities arrest 11 in alleged Medicaid fraud," Jason Grant,

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