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Multiple arrests made for credit card fraud, some in New Jersey


Authorities have made arrests in what they say was a $200 million, 10 year long fraud scheme. Eighteen people were arrested in four states, including in New Jersey, after investigators say the people led a massive credit card fraud ring. The people accused of the crimes have not yet been named, and it is unclear which credit card companies may have been involved.

These types of accusations often follow lengthy investigations involving many different agencies. In this case, the investigators say the alleged crime also involved other countries. They aren't saying how long the investigation lasted or what agencies may have been involved besides the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but it is likely that the investigation was extensive and may target more individuals.

When someone is accused of a crime involving a large sum of money or a large amount of victims, they could face very severe penalties if convicted. It might be wise for anyone facing credit card charges in New Jersey to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. They can help a person defend their reputation and form a rigorous defense.

While the accusations in this case are related to a very large alleged white collar crime, these accusations can come for even smaller amounts of money. Accusations such as credit card fraud can result in job restrictions, time in prison, fines, and potential difficulty with finding new employment. More people in this case could be arrested and charges after further investigations and questioning of the individuals arrested.

Source: Reuters, "18 charged in $200 million credit card fraud ring," Emily Flitter, Feb. 5, 2013

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