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Two New Jersey residents arrested for auto-parts fraud


Two men were arrested in New Jersey and one in a neighboring state after police raided a warehouse full of car parts. According to a report, police are accusing the men of selling replacement auto parts as name brand, when they allegedly were not. The men were all charged with conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods, and trafficking in counterfeit goods. The charges being pursued could result in five and ten year prison sentences respectively.

These charges are very serious, as they not only impact the men's personal life if they are forced to serve sentences, but the reputation of their business could be ruined. When law enforcement agencies investigate people for crimes, there is always a possibility that their procedures are forgotten or bypassed, which could result in inaccurate evidence being introduced. If police completely overlook some procedures, the evidence might be inadmissible in court.

An experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney can help a person fight fraud charges with a rigorous defense. Sometimes after an arrest a person isn't aware of their rights and they say and do things that might be used against them at trial.

Speaking with a defense attorney can help ensure no rights are violated and that the person receives fair treatment throughout the court process. It's unclear what evidence might be presented in this case, but police say the men passed off generic parts as new, brand name parts. Whatever evidence might be submitted, it is important that criminal charges are always taken seriously.

Source: The Star-Ledger, "FBI raids Paterson warehouses, seizes counterfeit auto parts; three arrested," Dan Goldberg, Feb. 19, 2013

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