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New Jersey rapper arrested, accused of altercation over fines


Parking during a snow storm can be a hassle. After the recent snow storm in New Jersey, it is likely many people experienced parking fines and tows because of unmoved vehicles. Sometimes a person might notice their car being towed, and talk to officers and the tow driver to leave the car alone. This might include paying a fine and towing costs.

Recently, a famous rapper that lives in New Jersey was arrested after an alleged argument with a police officer that was having his vehicle towed. The man saw the officer by his car and asked what was happening. The officer informed the man that the car had been parked in the spot for an extended period of time and had already been fined. The car was going to be towed, but the man told the officer he would pay the fine and towing costs if the vehicle could be left.

The officer then informed the man that he had unpaid fines for previous violations. According to reports, the man then argued with the officer, who then placed the man under arrest. It isn't clear exactly what the man did to upset the officer, but the report accuses the man of resisting when the officer was trying to arrest him.

When situations seem unclear after an arrest, it might be wise for the person facing charges to speak with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney. They can help a person understand their rights, evaluate the situation and help them through the court process.

Source:, "Rapper Jim Jones arrested by Fair Lawn Police Department," Tracey Putrino, Feb. 14, 2013

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