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Drug charges pending against two men after New Jersey traffic stop


Two people were arrested late last week after a traffic stop. Police allege the men had small amounts of marijuana on them and possible drug paraphernalia. The officer that pulled the two men over also said they smelled the marijuana in the car. It's unclear why the police say the car was pulled over.

When a person is pulled over, possibly for not doing anything illegal, it is important that they understand their rights. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help a person understand their rights and build a rigorous defense to help defeat charges. Criminal charges, however small or insignificant they might seem, can all have a real impact on a person's life. They might cause unnecessary stress, problems obtaining employment, or problems at a person's current job.

In many cases, police pull over cars with little reason. People might say things to police officers that seem suspicious, leading the police to further investigate. After an arrest, it is important that people know that anything they say to police might be used against them.

The two men in this case were charged with having less than 50 grams of suspected marijuana. This accusation of having a seemingly small amount of marijuana could result in significant problems for the person down the road. No matter what criminal charges a person might face, a criminal defense attorney can help them understand their rights.

Source: Hunterdon County Democrat, "Two face drug charges after car stopped in Readington," Jan. 16, 2013

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