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Prescription fraud, drug charges filed against men in New Jersey


Two men are accused of multiple crimes after being arrested at a New Jersey pharmacy. Police say the men were trying to fill a prescription that was copied and had already been filled at a pharmacy in New York. They are now facing charges of fraud to obtain a controlled substance, forgery, drug dealing, and conspiracy. It's unclear how much time in prison the men could face, but these charges are very serious.

Police said they also found multiple tablets from other pharmacies, as well as additional photo-copies of prescriptions in their vehicle. When someone is faced with multiple charges, their case can get very complex. An experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney can help a person understand the charges they face and work to form a rigorous defense.

Many times, the public will make an assumption about a person before they stand trial for the charges they face. That is because many news reports are generated using only a police report as the source. These reports are meant to assist with prosecution. By understanding one's rights, a person can work to defend their reputation and hopefully defeat any charges in court.

Being convicted of crimes such as fraud or drug dealing can have a real impact on a person's rights. They might be faced with prison time and fines. This can cause difficulty finding housing and employment. This makes it extremely important to understand your rights from the time of arrest through the trial.

Source:, "Middletown Police arrest N.Y. men on prescription fraud charges," Jan. 8, 2013

-Fraud charges can mean a legal headache. Please visit our New Jersey criminal defense website to learn more about fraud charges.

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