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New Jersey teacher faces child pornography charges


A teacher at a New Jersey private school is now facing charges that have likely already damaged his reputation and could end his career forever. The man was charged with distributing child pornography on the Internet and appeared in federal court Tuesday. Many students and people in the community said the man was a popular teacher who served as a permanent substitute for 17 years at the private school where he worked.

Now, the man could be facing years in prison and fines if he is convicted. Many times people who are prominent figures in their community are subject to higher scrutiny and might be targets of accusations. While this case will require much sensitivity, it is important that people who are accused of crimes still understand their rights and receive fair treatment.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help a person in New Jersey accused of distributing child pornography form a rigorous defense. This can help the person evaluate the evidence against them and respond to claims. Sometimes people's rights are violated through investigations or evidence leads authorities to the wrong person.

The man in the New Jersey case reportedly had no prior criminal record, and it is important that people are presumed innocent before their trial. Many times media can take information from police reports and report it as fact, not allowing the accused to respond to the charges. Public scrutiny of a person might have a negative influence on their trial.

Source: CBS New York, "Popular New Jersey Teacher Charged With Distributing Child Porn," Jan. 8, 2012

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