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Man arrested for New Jersey drug crime after traffic stop


A man was arrested last week after police say the car the man was riding in had burnt out license plate lights. Officers pulled the driver of a car over, and through what they called an investigation, they alleged that the passenger of the vehicle had marijuana and multiple pipes with suspected marijuana residue.

It isn't clear from reports why police questioned the passenger of the car. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney after a drug crime arrest in New Jersey might be a wise decision. They can help a person understand their rights and work to form a rigorous defense.

Sometimes when police make arrests, they don't properly establish a reason for making an arrest or accusations. They might ask questions of people who are being accused that don't need to be answered, or mishandle evidence throughout the investigation or court process, which might violate a person's rights. Sometimes authorities will ask a person questions in hopes of them providing incriminating information or resulting in the person admitting guilt.

An experienced attorney can be with a person when they are being questioned by authorities. This can help prevent the person from answering questions that they might not have to answer. It is important that throughout the process, a person is also looking after their reputation.

An arrest for a drug crime can result in a person's name being published in media, and might cause problems for the person in the future. It might be more difficult for a person accused of a crime to find housing or employment.

Source: New Jersey Herald, "Drug arrest made at traffic stop," May 28, 2013

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