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New Jersey man faces severe charges after arrest for heroin


A New Jersey man is facing severe charges after being arrested in another state. The man was arrested and faces charges of possession with intent to distribute a Schedule I or II narcotic. Police say the man visited the state and was pulled over where police found four pounds of heroin, valued on the street at $270,000.

This amount of a drug can lead to a significant drug charge in New Jersey and other states. The man was reportedly out on bond for another offense in New Jersey. This means the man could face more severe penalties.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attoreny can help a New Jersey resident understand their rights. If they are accused or charged with multiple crimes within a specific period of time, they might face extra scrutiny in their situation. This can lead to an extended jail sentence if they are convicted.

By understanding one's rights, a person can help avoid saying anything incriminating to authorities. An experienced attoreny can help the person understand if their rights were violated at any point during the arrest or investigation that might have lead up to a trial. They can then help the person form a rigorous defense.

Making sure a person's rights aren't violated can prevent a wrongful conviction and help ensure that their reputation is protected. If a person is convicted, they not only have to deal with a criminal record but may face the stigma of a crime for many years after their sentence is served.

Source: NBC Washington, "N.J. Man Arrested in $270,000 Heroin Bust in Stafford," May 24, 2013

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