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Drunk driving, drug arrests made in New Jersey vehicle checkpoint


Police say that checkpoints on certain roads are meant for both enforcement and educational purposes. However, sometimes these checkpoints, even when they are approved in advance could cause some people to panic, possibly resulting in their arrest and the search of their vehicle.

Law enforcement agencies in New Jersey set up these checkpoints in order to make more arrests for certain crimes. According to a news report, 10 people were arrested for drunk driving and drug related crimes at a vehicle checkpoint in New Jersey over the weekend. The checkpoint was set up Friday night and lasted into the Saturday morning hours.

When someone is faced with an arrest for any crime, it is important that they understand their rights. Sometimes in cases where a person feels accused of a crime before they are actually arrested they say or do things that police might later use against them. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey before answering questions from authorities might be a wise decision.

They can help a person understand their rights and form a defense. Sometimes police in checkpoint situations violate the rights of the accused person. This can result in their arrest, their car being impounded and their name being published by local new sources. All of these things might not only cost a person money, but they can harm their reputation and lead to a criminal record. An attorney might be able to conduct an independent investigation for a person and ensure that their rights are preserved throughout the legal process.

Source: Patch, "Police Checkpoint Nets 10 DWI, Drug Arrests," Jessica Mazzola, May 20, 2013

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