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Man arrested in New Jersey on drug charges after police raid


Federal officials say they have arrested a man that they believed was attempting to manufacture methylenedioxyamphetmine, (MDA). The man, who investigators say is a pharmacist, was taken into custody in New Jersey on drug production charges. The Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation say they also found weapons, ammunition and acid in a storage facility linked to the man.

According to a report on the man's arrest, investigators were first drawn to the building where the man was arrested while investigating suspicions of ricin, a possible chemical warfare agent, although the man did not appear to be facing charges related to that.

When someone is arrested, and multiple agencies are involved, they could face many different charges. After an arrest is made, an investigation might continue, and a person could face more than the preliminary charges. This can result in a more complex case, and a longer prison sentence if the person is convicted.

It is important that a person in New Jersey who might be facing severe federal charges understands their rights. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help a person evaluate the case they might be facing, and help work to protect that person's rights.

Sometimes people have their rights violated during an investigation, or during an arrest for alleged crimes. This can lead to a the accused not being able to receive a fair trial. An attorney can work to have charges reduced or dropped if the person can't receive fair treatment because of police wrongdoing.

Source: The Jersey Journal, "Cache of weapons and ammo found in Jersey City after arrest of pharmacist on drug counts," Michaelangelo Conte, Nov. 14, 2013

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