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Man charged with drug crime after text message, traffic stop


A man in New Jersey was arrested last week, after he allegedly texted a police officer to set up a drug deal. According to a report, police say the man texted the officer to set up a meeting to sell a quarter pound of marijuana. Three law enforcement agencies set up a meeting with the man, in which police say the man fled.

The man was pulled over in a traffic stop where he declined to have his car searched. A report on the man's arrest said that police then used a K-9 dog to identify the potential for drugs in the vehicle. They searched the vehicle and allegedly found four plastic bags with more than an ounce of marijuana.

When police use dogs to search for drugs, there can sometimes be questions of the reliability of these dogs. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney after an arrest for an alleged drug crime might be a wise decision. They can help the person understand their rights and work to form a defense.

Sometimes a defense might include evaluating evidence against the accused person, as well as looking at how police interacted with the accused before, during and after an arrest. These details can be most important. If someone's rights were violated during the arrest process, they may experience a wrongful conviction. Sometimes when police violate the rights of an accused person, they also alter evidence, making it more likely a trial will result in a conviction. A wrongful conviction can result in years in prison or serious fines.

Source: New Jersey Herald, "Text message to cop leads to Sussex man's arrest," Oct. 1, 2013

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